One of the most obvious areas to automate is Request Automation. This area has a highly repetitive character which generates significant savings once automated. iCiber has cases with savings of 99% compared to manual execution. Imagine what operational teams could do with their time saved. Next to time savings it also improves consistency and quality. Large organisations have several hundred requests per day. Assuming 15 minutes per Service Request and a saving of 99%, you can do the math!

Quality Checks

The iCiber quality checks are based on root cause analysis of incidents and problems that occurred in the past. In most cases these incidents were not discovered by the standard monitoring or other tooling. Experience shows that by automating these Health checks, Compliancy checks, Security checks & Desired State checks many of the above mentioned incidents are pro-actively discovered & prevented leading to a higher quality through automation.

Intelligent Reporting

iCiber Intelligent Reporting focusses on collecting operational data from complex and ever changing live systems & workloads. During the collection of data additional checks and logs are implemented to assure consistency and completeness. Based on this validated data and the corresponding logs the final outcome of reports is predictable and auditable. Extracted data is used in data warehouse solutions, big data analysis or in combination with other reporting software.


Incidents occur in all environment no matter the amount of investments to prevent them. End user perception of these incidents is mainly driven by the efficiency to solve them once they occur. For this the iCiber philosophy is to automate incident remediation either triggered by the Quality Checks implemented or by supporting the Service Desk with a guided solution to quickly solve incidents.


Founded in 2016, iCiber delivers expert support for SharePoint, Automation & Orchestration, Transition & Transformation Programs, Troubleshooting & Performance challenges. Focus of iCiber is on the Microsoft environments (e.g. SharePoint, Exchange, Office365, Azure, SQL). iCiber has significant expertise in delivering operational services from offshore centers.

iCiber Automation & Orchestration projects deliver time savings of 99% and an ROI < 1 year
Areas of expertise: Automation & Orchestration of Service Requests, Change Requests, Health checks, Compliancy checks, Security checks, Desired State checks, Intelligent Reporting, Client configuration checks & Automated remediation, Migration of Service Desk Services, Local Support Services, Cross Functional Services (processes & procedures), Mail Services, File Services, Live Collaboration Services (Skype for business), Computer Device Services (Windows 7/Windows 10), Print & Scan Services, SharePoint Services, Stepping Stone Services and Server Management Services, Performance and Operational improvements large SharePoint environment (>50.000 users), Performance and Operational improvements large Exchange environment (>90.000 mailboxes), SQL, VMware

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