Troubleshooting: Issues, Collect information, Investigate, Brainstorm, Evidence & Resolve

The iCiber Solution Cycle © supports the structured approach for solving issues. The five phases are crucial in solving the root cause(s) of issues and not only in solving the symptoms. To understand the issue the first phase is to Collect facts (symptoms, logs, screenshots, files) to feed the Investigation. The more complete the collections of facts is, the better the analysis of trends, comparison, good/bad examples can be combined to in- or exclude potential root causes. After the initial investigation we enter the Brainstorm phase in which multiple Hypothesis for root cause analysis are created to mitigate jumping to conclusions and tunnel vision. Only if sufficient Evidence can be delivered, including reproducing the issue, solving the root cause and evidencing that the symptoms are definitely gone, an issue can be identified as being Resolved!

iCiber Cycle

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