Our drive is to optimise IT Service Delivery through automation and orchestration of workloads and systems

The iCiber Release Cycle © supports the structured approach for Automation and Orchestration of workloads and systems . The six phases are standardised to deliver structured and predictable outcome. At first we start with Identifying the use cases which would result in the highest value (not always money) when being automated. Next to monatery value it also

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Upgrade a SharePoint 2013 farm with minimal downtime

Updating and upgrading a large SharePoint 2013 farm without a DR farm will impact the availability. There is no way to upgrade a farm without downtime in this situation. In this post I will describe the steps to upgrade a SharePoint farm with minimal downtime after applying a Cumulative Update (CU). Patching the servers in

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Creating a custom Integration pack with OIT for SCORCH 2016

Overview The OIT (Orchestrator Integration Toolkit) is used for creating a custom Integration Pack (IP) and bundling multiple custom activities into one package. The created IP can be imported in SCORCH 2016. Currently there is no OIT version available for SCORCH 2016. The OIT version for SCORCH 2012 (download-link: also works fine for 2016

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Troubleshooting: Issues, Collect information, Investigate, Brainstorm, Evidence & Resolve

The iCiber Solution Cycle © supports the structured approach for solving issues. The five phases are crucial in solving the root cause(s) of issues and not only in solving the symptoms. To understand the issue the first phase is to Collect facts (symptoms, logs, screenshots, files) to feed the Investigation. The more complete the collections

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